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Pachislot & Pachinko Machines Business

We provide entertainment that is loved by all and fun for all

In our Pachislot & Pachinko Machines business, we handle research, design, production, and sales of pachislot and pachinko machines.
We devote ourselves to providing fun, exciting products that are sure to earn the lasting affection of our customers, by tapping into the knowledge gained from many years of experience in the entertainment field throughout the Konami Group.

Group Companies behind the Pachislot & Pachinko Machines Business

About Pachinko Machines

The pachinko industry, represented by pachislot and pachinko machines, has attracted a broad age demographic as a popular pastime.
KONAMI entered this market in 1992.
Dramatic technological innovation in recent years has enabled the planning and production of pachislot and pachinko machines that feature a diverse range of content, garnering attention as an entertainment genre that many people can enjoy.

Since entering the pachislot and pachinko machine market in 1992, KONAMI has always aimed to provide a diverse array of products that are packed with fresh new entertainment value, by combining the essential features of pachislot and pachinko machines with unique KONAMI content.

Pachislot Machines

KONAMI produces and sells products that combine the essential features of pachislot machines with specially-created KONAMI content such as the Magical Halloween series, as well as popular existing KONAMI properties including "MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB" and "SENGOKU COLLECTION." In addition, we strive to further enrich our library by proactively utilizing external content under licensing agreements, including "Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera," in order to further broaden our fan base.
By employing a range of new technologies, KONAMI makes every effort to offer products that capture the imaginations of customers and that bring gameplay to a whole new level.

Pachinko Machines

KONAMI has drawn on the production expertise established throughout the Konami Group to release "CR PACHINKO MAGICAL HALLOWEEN," the first in a series of KONAMI pachinko machines.
We will continue to make full use of our diverse content properties as we expand our pachinko machine business.

"SENGOKU COLLECTION2" "Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera" "Senritsu no Stratus"
SENGOKU COLLECTION2 Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Senritsu no Stratus
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