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Profile of Directors and Auditors

Profile of Directors and Auditors

Kagemasa Kozuki

Born on Nov. 12, 1940
Mar. 1973
Established Konami Industries Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1987
Representative Director, Chairman
Jun. 1994
Representative Director, Chairman, President
Jun. 2012
Representative Director, Chairman(to present)

Takuya Kozuki

Born on May 19, 1971
Nov. 1997
Director, Vice President, Konami Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Oct. 2001
Director, President, Konami Corporation of America
Oct. 2002
Director, Chairman,
Konami Computer Entertainment Hawaii, Inc.
and Director, Chairman, Konami Corporation of America
Jun. 2009
Jun. 2012
Representative Director, President (to present)
Jul. 2014
Representative Director, President,
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (to present)

Kimihiko Higashio

Born on Sep. 24, 1959
Dec. 1997
Joined the Company
Jun. 2005
Director, Division President, Human Resources
May. 2008
Representative Director, Vice-President (to present)
Jun. 2012
Director (to present)

Fumiaki Tanaka

Born on Mar.10,1961
Apr. 1981
Joined the Company
Mar. 2006
President and Representative Director,
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2014
Director (to present)

Satoshi Sakamoto

Born on Aug. 22, 1948
Nov. 1996
Managing Director, Konami Australia Pty Ltd (to present)
Jul. 2002
Chief Executive Officer and President,
Konami Gaming, Inc. (to present)
Jun. 2014
Director (to present)

Tomokazu Godai

Born on Oct. 6, 1939
Jun. 1975
Representative Director, President,
Maya Shoji Co., Ltd.(current MAYATEC Co.,Ltd.)
May. 1992
Director of the Company (to present)
Jun. 2006
Representative Director, Chairman,
MAYATEC Co.,Ltd. (to present)
Mar. 2014
Representative Director, Chairman, KPE, Inc.(to present)

Akira Gemma

Born on Aug. 1, 1934
Jun. 1997
Representative Director, President, SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2001
Representative Director, Corporate Officer, Chairman of the said company
Jun. 2003
Senior Advisor of the said company
Jun. 2004
Director of the Company (to present)
Apr. 2013
Advisor, SHISEIDO Co., Ltd.(to present)

Kaori Yamaguchi

Born on Dec. 28, 1964
Apr. 2007
Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Musashi University
Apr. 2008
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Oct. 2011
Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba (to present)
Jun. 2014
Director of the Company (to present)

Shinichi Furukawa

Born on Feb.18, 1960
Apr. 1982
Joined the Company
Apr. 2011
Division Director, Sales & Marketing Division,
Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2011
General Manager, Internal Control Office,
Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2013
Standing Corporate Auditor (to present)

Minoru Maruoka

Born on Nov.7,1956
Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
(current Panasonic Corporation)
Dec. 2004
Director, Accounting General Manager,
Panasonic Home Appliances Hangzhou Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2010
(in charge of Accounting, Legal, and Information Technology Systems),
Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2012
Standing Corporate Auditor, Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2013
Standing Corporate Auditor (to present)

Nobuaki Usui

Born on Jan. 1, 1941
May. 1995
Director-General of the Tax Bureau, Ministry of Finance
Jan. 1998
Commissioner, National Tax Agency
Jul. 1999
Administrative Vice Minister, Ministry of Finance
Jan. 2003
Governor & CEO, National Life Finance Corporation
Dec. 2008
Chairman, The Japan Research Institute, Limited

Setsuo Tanaka

Born on Apr. 29, 1943
Aug. 1993
Director of Traffic Bureau, National Police Agency
Jan. 2000
Commissioner-General, National Police Agency
Jun. 2006
President, Japan Automobile Federation

Hisamitsu Arai

Born on Jan. 10, 1944
Jul. 1996
Commissioner, Japan Patent Office
Jun. 1998
Vice Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of International, Trade and Industry
Apr. 2001
Chairman, Nippon Export and Investment Insurance
Mar. 2003
Secretary-General of Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat
Jun. 2007
President, Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.

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