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Announcement of Merger of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
and Megacyber Corporation

February 6, 2007


  KONAMI CORPORATION ("KONAMI") hereby announces today that, pursuant to resolution of meeting of the Board of Directors of KONAMI held on February 6, Megacyber Corporation ("MEG") will merge with and into Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("KDE-J"), effective on April 1, 2007. Both companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of KONAMI.

1) Objective of Merger

      Diversification of demand in the entertainment industry around us advances rapidly due to the spread of online business. Under the circumstances, it is necessary for us to secure and train excellent human resources for flexible and timely product development.
      We accelerate planning, developing, and operating mobile content business by merging MEG, which became our subsidiary as an online mobile business company last October.

2) Effective date (Tentative)

      April 1, 2007

3) Method of Merger

      KDE-J will be the surviving company, and MEG will be subsequently be dissolved.

4) Outline of Merging Companies

  Surviving Company Dissolving Company
Registered name Konami Digital Entertainment Co.,LTD. Megacyber Corporation
Main Business Production, manufacture and sales for customer game software, contents for amusement facility, toys, cardgames, music, visual software and book planning / developing / operating contents for mobile phone
Date of incorporation 31-Mar-06 25-Mar-91
Location of head office Minatoku, Tokyo Toshimaku, Tokyo
Representative Fumiaki Tanaka Kazuya Takahashi